Bo(nnie) Owens received both a Bachelors degree in Gender Studies and a Masters degree in Education, Culture, and Society from the University of Utah.  An activist by trade and an educator by profession, Bo(nnie) has explored teaching in a variety of educative settings including formal classrooms, academic conferences, community centers, afterschool programs, and summer camps. During the school year, Bo(nnie) teaches K-6 students in the Promise South Salt Lake Afterschool Program at Woodrow Wilson Elementary.  In addition to teaching, Bo(nnie) also coordinates Planned Parenthood’s Safe at School program, which offers practical bully-prevention and response trainings to educators and others who work with LGBTQ youth and their peers.  In 2016, Bo(nnie) attended a 3-day training institute in Philadelphia to become certified to facilitate the “Teaching Transgender Toolkit” curriculum.