For decades, human sexuality has been streamlined through the lenses of reproduction, recreation, or a synthesis of the two – and until very recently, from the male perspective.  However, as more women share their experiences, sexuality can be reconceptualized as complex and diverse.  Women and men are trying to map their sexualities to the grand narrative about gender, sexual performance and desire..

Join friends and professional colleagues in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah for a unique and once in a lifetime weekend event. We are learning from each other and world-renowned sex educators, authors, and researchers Emily Nagoski and Gina Ogden.  The presenters will synthesize the science and spirituality of sexuality.

Using her research knowledge in sexual science, Emily Nagoski will put forth her framework of women’s sexualities in order to maximize the well-being of women and women who love women. Emily is noted for asking: “Could there be a single, universal principle that can transform the sex lives of people of all genital configurations, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all relationship configurations, all body shapes and sizes, all colors, and maybe even all religions?” Her answer is to put pleasure at the center of sexual well being. When pleasure is the starting point, Emily explains that many other expectations and wishes follow. She backs up her assertions with biological and social science findings. Although it is difficult to translate theory to practice, Emily provides us with tools to transform our own sexualities … our relationships and communities.

Using her background in spirituality, Gina Ogden has expanded the sexual scientific communities definition of sexuality to move beyond physical performance.  Gina teaches us to look at how sexuality that takes place in the body, mind, heart and spirit.  This formula will profoundly change your understanding of your own sexual desire and wellbeing, and help you relate to others holistically.  Gina has been helping people access the parts of their sexuality that have been lost or downplayed by culture or a particular upbringing and relationship.  She will demonstrate her Four Dimensional Wheel of Sexual Experience—an ancient and universal template for exploring the deepest aspects of our sexual stories.  Gina’s work is safe, moving, collaborative, fun, and pleasantly surprising.  It can be applied immediately with clients, partners, and the self.

In addition to the two day workshop, we invite you to join us for book signings, morning meditations, belly dancing, and opportunities to use art to explore your pleasure and desire.

12 CE’s have been approved by AASECT and NASW and the conference meets CMHC, Psychologist and MFT licensure requirements. However, we recommend you contact your licensure board to confirm the summit meets requirements and to be clear on what materials are needed to show proof of the conference. We will happily provide what is needed. See our FAQ’s for more information on this.