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2017/09/22 07:00:00

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About the Event

The Rocky Mountain Sex + Intimacy summit is a place for professionals, medical providers, clergy and parents to gain the sex education they never received but always wanted to.  It is for those who see the current problems with the ways we are approaching sexuality and want to contribute to better, brighter solutions.  It’s where you can be in a room full of people where many have similar questions eager to find their own answers.  The Summit is the first of its kind in the Rocky Mountain West with the goal of bring together passionate and compassionate individuals to: 1) improve their knowledge and competency around sexuality 2) address issues of social justice and inclusivity, and 3) provide opportunities to connect professionals in a variety of domains to improve the health and well-being of the community at large.

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September 22-23, 2017


6:00                   **Private Event** Case Consultation with Dr. Marty Klein. REGISTER

8:00                   Meet up in the hotel bar for cocktails and conversations.



8:00-8:30          Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:50                   Welcome and introduction of Dr. Marty Klein

9:00-9:30          What do people really want from sex?

9:30-10:00        How do people create and use sexual narratives?

10:00-10:30      The issue of sexual normality

10:30-10:45      Break

10:45-11:30      The nature of sexual desire

11:30-12:00      Performance anxiety, self-acceptance, and sexual self esteem

12:15pm           1 CEU Soul Salt Lunch n’ Learn $20

12:00-1:30        Lunch


1:30-2:00          24/7 porn as a disruptive technology

2:00-2:30          What is Porn Literacy?

2:30-3:00          Social, political, and clinical narratives about pornography

3:00-3:15          Break

3:15-4:00          Why there’s no such thing as porn addiction—and why it matters

4:00-4:30          When couples and individuals talk about porn, what are they really talking about?

5:00                  **Private Event** Case Consultation with Dr. Marty Klein. REGISTER.

7:00-8:30pm      1.5 CEU Porn in the community 

Day 2 schedule

8:00-8:50      Welcome and Continental Breakfast

8:50-9:00      Introduction of Al Vernacchio

9:00-10:00    Pizza Is the Key to Healthy Sexuality

10:00-10:15  Break

10:15-11:15  Pizza is Key to Healthy Sexuality Contd.

11:15-12:00  TBA

12:15-1:15     1 CEU Planned Parenthood Lunch N Learn $20 (link to blog)

12:00-1:30    Lunch

1:30-3:00      Dr. Tina Sellers – Healing Sexual Shame from the Church and the Great Beyond

3:00-3:15      Break

3:15-4:15      Bonnie Owens Teach Transgender Toolkit

4:15-4:30      Conference close

7:00-8:30pm  Ask Al Anything! Q/A with RMSS speaker and sex CEU educator Al Vernacchio 



2017 Featured Speakers
Dr. Marty Klein
Dr. Marty Klein

Dr. Marty Klein:

Dr. Marty Klein has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist for 35 years—over 35,000 hours with men, women, and couples resolving various relationship, intimacy, and sexual issues. Marty has written 7 books about sexuality, available in a dozen languages. His classic America’s War On Sex was honored as Book of the Year by AASECT; about his book Sexual Intelligence, Psychology Today simply raves “Read this book if you want to improve your sex life.”

Marty appears frequently in the national media, including The New York Times, National Public Radio, and The Daily Show. He is outspoken about many popular and clinical ideas about sexuality; for example, he is recognized by Wikipedia as one of the most important voices challenging the idea of “sex addiction.” He is also one of the country’s experts on the content, use, and impact of pornography.

Marty is an internationally-respected expert in the complex architecture of sex: people’s sexual desires, their fantasies, their frustrations, their inhibitions, and their choices. A contributor to the International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality, he testifies in State, Federal, and International courts on various aspects of sexuality. Marty recently gave two Congressional briefings on evidence-based sex education.

 Marty’s popular website is His Sexual Intelligence blog and monthly newsletter go to 8,000 subscribers. Each year Marty lectures to thousands of professionals and lay persons across North America, Europe, and Asia about a range of clinical and sexual issues. Audiences invariably find his talks thought-provoking, practical, and entertaining.

Al Vernacchio
Al Vernacchio

Al Vernacchio :

Al Vernacchio is the K-12 Sexuality Education Coordinator at Friends’ Central School in Wynnewood, PA. A Human Sexuality educator and consultant for over 25 years, Al has lectured, published articles, and offered workshops throughout the country. His work has been featured in “Teaching Good Sex”, a November, 2011 cover story in The New York Times Magazine. In addition Al has given four TED Talks, and has appeared on national programs such as NPR’s “Morning Edition”. He is the author of For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Young People About Sexuality, Values, and Health published by Harper-Collins.

Dr. Tina Sellers
Dr. Tina Sellers

Dr. Tina Sellers:

Tina Schermer Sellers, PhD has had a distinguished career as an educator, sex therapist, family therapist, speaker, author, consultant, and thought leader. She serves as an Associate Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy and Di-rector of Medical Family Therapy at Seattle Pacific University. Her popular blog is filled with inspiring ideas on marriage, parenting, spirituality, sexuality and socio-political culture.

Dr. Sellers also founded the Northwest Institute on Intimacy, whose mission is to provide training in sex therapy and spiritual intimacy for psychotherapists and to provide a solid referral source to physicians, clergy, and community leaders. Her relentless passion for couples and families to know sexual and spiritual abundance, health and healing have won her several awards and re-quests for radio, TV and podcast interviews.

Tina’s community built website,, is internationally acclaimed. In-spired by the Project, TGFS brings video stories of people who are healing from religious sexual shame. In addition to personal videos, the website is filled with podcasts of live events, blog posts, a store and other resources. It is a site committed to bringing voice, education, grace and solidarity to a community that has been isolated in sexual shame for far too long. Receiving rave reviews, her book Sex, God & the Conservative Church – Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy was published in the spring of 2017 by Routledge Press. Tina lives in Seattle with her beloved Gary, where they have four grown kids, four grand-puppies, and a brand new baby grand-daughter!

Bo(nnie) Owens
Bo(nnie) Owens

Bo(nnie) Owens

Bo(nnie) Owens received both a Bachelors degree in Gender Studies and a Masters degree in Education, Culture, and Society from the University of Utah.  An activist by trade and an educator by profession, Bo(nnie) has explored teaching in a variety of educative settings including formal classrooms, academic conferences, community centers, afterschool programs, and summer camps. During the school year, Bo(nnie) teaches K-6 students in the Promise South Salt Lake Afterschool Program at Woodrow Wilson Elementary.  In addition to teaching, Bo(nnie) also coordinates Planned Parenthood’s Safe at School program, which offers practical bully-prevention and response trainings to educators and others who work with LGBTQ youth and their peers.  In 2016, Bo(nnie) attended a 3-day training institute in Philadelphia to become certified to facilitate the “Teaching Transgender Toolkit” curriculum.


We had some incredible sponsors for our 2016 Summit and would love to invite you to be a sponsor for this year’s event.  Please contact for sponsorship information.



What Other Attendees Say...
  • Seeing issues of sex and sexuality presented in a bright, absolutely intelligent, and positive way was refreshing and needed. Many of us have few places we can talk freely about sex and not have it treated as so sacred it’s unrealistic, so skewed by media, or seen as a frightening force that must be feared and controlled. Many of us have empoverished knowledge, negative messages, and poor sexual self images. We don’t know why we do or don’t do sex or we have conflicted and negative thoughts and feelings. Why is it hard? Why is it wonderful?

    At this year’s Summit on Sexuality and Intimacy the presenters, the cream of the crop, were thoroughly steeped in the leading information and able to present it in ways that that were effective for both professional and non professional. The information and experience was life changing for me in deep and positive ways. Sex is fun to finally talk about. The conference was normalizing and uplifting giving many answers and spawning deeper thought and feelings.

    L. Williams (Southern Utah)
  • This was very beneficial for my profession and very fun to attend personally. I loved getting to know and interact with experts in the field of sexuality. I also enjoyed the opportunity to get to know others in the Rocky Mountain area that are working in sexuality. It was a great experience all around!

    Rich T. (Provo, Utah)
  • This event was so well organized! The prizes and grab bags were awesome, and the refreshments amazing! Everything ran seamlessly and was incredibly professional. Participants had a clear understanding of what to expect and how the day would be run. The speakers were knowledgeable and engaging, I could not stop taking notes because everything they said was something that I want to implement in my own practice.

    The vibe of the entire conference was one of peace and respect. I left with a feeling of healing and energy. There is usually a sense of discomfort when addressing the topic of sex, but everyone was so professional and open that I felt more comfortable there than I do in some of my college classes. It was an amazing experience, and I hope there will be more Rocky Mountain Sex and Intimacy Summits to come.

    Salina M. (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • I had no idea what to expect for this conference. I’m not a health professional. I was told by a close friend that I should attend and take my daughter with me, and so I did. This weekend was a combination of being in the coolest, most informative science class and being in the best, most beneficial counseling session ever! So much knowledge. So much healing. As a woman in my 40’s with children, this awakening and educational. We are very open about sex with our kids, but this opened an entirely new dimension with my daughter. Our conversations have turned into open, honest and comfortable. I was able to unlabel myself. I was able to find out that I was normal. I can’t wait to attend every year!

  • As a social work student interested in sex therapy, I found this event delightful. The networking opportunities were helpful for me not to mention the new friends. I love the new books I have as a resource as well. It was definitely worth skipping class and worth the drive down.

    Susannah P. (Idaho Falls)
  • The Rocky Mountain Sex and Intimacy Summit blew my expectations out of the water. I have attended many AASECT conferences and sex related conferences and this one went above and beyond in terms of organization, quality of content, and wonderful people to connect with personally and professionally. This Summit will hopefully be the first of many!

    I loved the integration of the scientific aspect of sex with Emily’s talk with the spiritual realm with Gina’s. I am walking away with relevant and new information as well as tools that I can use in my own private practice and sexual education. Thank you to all who put this together! I am looking forward to next years and hope to be apart of it!

    A. Meisner (Niwot, Colorado)
  • I came to the summit without any expectations but to learn. I came away from the summit with more knowledge of the body and spirit than I thought I could. It helped me personally and that will in turn be a benefit for the women I serve in my practice. I have a passion for women’s sexual health and this just gave me that increased affirmation I needed. Thank you for having the summit and getting the information out to other providers. My life is enriched because of this weekend. I loved the different aspects of the two presenters. What a different perspective they each had and brought to us.

    Julie Riverton (Utah)
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